Saturday, January 8, 2011


Who the hell gets it? To me it feels like being stuck in a lift and muttering things to oneself - to keep at the bay the feeling that no one is out there - and even if they are they couldn’t care less. And so you hit some buttons – out of a growing sense of Being Lost in Space you hit them all - and they all lead you back to the idea that you’re stuck in a lift and it’s just not going to budge. 


  1. Casting vote, it's a massive NO from me.

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  3. Sorry. Had to delete that. Here it is again, minus one word...
    Unfortunately we live in the shitty twenty-first century. A place of soundbites, reality TV-spurning-celebrities and instant gratification.
    ******* dull.

  4. i dont get it either but then i havent really tried to get it.

    judith - was your missing word "scintillatingly"? (a word i find myself deleting increasingly ((of late)) myself..)

    "scinitllatingly dull" is something i can relate to, too, in tweeting terms.

    i think tweeting is what you do when you get arrested and want it to be known.

  5. "Scintillatingly" has way too many letters for a tweet. You have to pare down your vocabulary. Anglo Saxon words get to the point with many fewer characters. Twitter is either a promotion tool - whatever it is you're promoting - or a colossal waste of time. It's up to the tweeter.

  6. I like the lift…

    Here we are, more than two hundred years after fleeing the wilderness en masse to live up close to each other, a hundred years after the electric light scintillated most of the planet, took away the dark for ever, and yet many among us still fear being alone.

    But every time we type those tweets and press those buttons on the cell, we go back, we get down on our knees and light a desperate candle at the altar of mortality. And it’s utterly futile.

  7. Ooh, Pete... I like the motivation being fear but am not at all sure about it being an altar of mortality - surely Tweeting is more an Altar of Neediness and it's the escape from such that leads to the Altar of Mortality...

    But perhaps we're over-thinking this now.


  8. No tweeting here. The Internet is already distant enough. Who needs yet more alienation?