Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breakfast in Italy

There’s probably a campanile within sight. And at some point a bell will chime – bold timeless strokes which, like light after rain, will give to the moment an undertow. The play of shadows on a medieval wall will draw attention to the history of the stones, the struggles of blood and line they have witnessed. You’ll be sitting at a table with the sun warm on the back of your neck; scooters will fizz past; and then the waiter will arrive. “Cappuccino,” you say. Bliss.


  1. This makes me yearn for soft air on my skin and the smells of coffee and earth and growing things, and the noise and bustle of the outdoor culture of a warm place. There's a beauty in ice and snow and low, cool sun. But it would be nice to go outdoors without spending ten minutes putting on clothing first.

  2. Felt the gentle air and smelt the coffee -- aaah yes

  3. I remember the first time I had breakfast in Rome and realized as a young college student that cappucino at breakfast was a default.

    My mind were blown.

  4. Hard to beat breakfast in Rome though sitting by the Grand Canal with a coffee and pastry is tops.

  5. I enjoy this post very much!

    The Mental Pause