Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cyber sex in Second Life: mistress and slave

     I had no desire whatsoever to keep Anjar as my slave. I was trying to picture his (or her) owner at his keyboard. How much playful irony, I wondered, was there in his urgent requests for more humiliation. Granted absolute anonymity, as most of these people were, it was somewhat disconcerting to realise how salient was the desire to rape, to be raped, to torture, to be tortured.  Is modern real life that boring? As a consolation for her intention to abandon him to his fate Bysshe, with her usual generosity, decided to titillate his fetish.  
     Bysshe Artaud pushes the boy to the ground and lets her toes rest on his mouth. “You may clean my feet with your tongue boy”
     Anjar Zimmer: I must?
    Bysshe Artaud pushes her foot harder against his face, bending back his nose
     Bysshe Artaud: Lick boy
     Anjar Zimmer: it's smell
     Bysshe Artaud rubs her foot in some mud and offal on the ground and then presses it to his mouth
     Anjar Zimmer start slow licking Mistress foot
     Anjar Zimmer: first big toe
                 IM: Anjar Zimmer: I like sweaty feet from boots but everythig depends on you
     Anjar Zimmer licking between toes

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