Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Work in progress

Magnus was working on Jake’s penis. He rolled a dollop of clay between his palms into a sausage shape, a brusque businesslike performance, and then welded it with a close-fisted stabbing motion to the figurine’s pelvic region. He sat on a little wooden stool to do this. His touch now became gentle and caressing as he kneaded the base of the phallus into the basin of the groin and smoothed its contours. Satisfied it was firmly attached and Jake was no longer a eunuch, he thought better of remarking to his model how vulnerable the male genital organ was in the architectural design of the male anatomy and instead stepped back to assess his handiwork in relation to the whole shape. He held a small mirror close to his cheek, squinting his bloodshot eyes into what appeared an expression of disconsolate fury. The new appendage had assumed a semi-erect status though it was infinitesimally wilting, pulled earthwards by its own weight.  Magnus began splicing away at its length with a delicate wooden tool. Little shavings of clay cascaded to the ground which he later trod into the flagstones. 


  1. Hi,

    Found your blog via Authonomy, though am not a member there.

    What was Magnus thinking - a clay semi-erect penis Vs gravity? Obviously not! ;) See, it takes a woman to think of carved wood in perfect shape as a base form to build upon and to then mould desired features. :o


  2. That opening sentence is definitely an attention getter.