Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Big Bang

     Is it a new phenomenon this mania on the part of people to impart erroneously piecemeal information they have read up on or heard on TV? I have heard a host of so-called facts lately – that asthma is on the increase because we’ve become too hygienic, that every year the earth accumulates 30,000 tonnes of space dust, that one percent of the dancing static on the TV when you zap onto a non-existent channel are residue particles from the big bang, that.21 billion  pieces of junk mail are delivered to Britain’s homes each year requiring 3.3 million trees to make. All things someone will misquote to someone else on a bus or in a pub today. Did you know that 21 billion fucking people suffer from asthma and it’s caused by residue particles from the Big Bang? 


  1. It's a game of cosmic telephone. I love how people can talk authoritatively about shit they know absolutely nothing about. Just enjoy it; don't try to correct them.

  2. In a world where more people live in cities than not, and communities are rare, factoids take the place of gossip.

  3. People like thinking they understand the world even when it's about things they don't need to.